Access Your Code From Anywhere

ProjectLocker gives your teams around the globe easy access

This is a global time, and your team is a global organization. Even small companies are taking advantage of talent on the other side of the world to develop solutions more quickly and cheaply. Many teams don't have the resources to set up servers in multiple locations, configure the networks, and prepare the appropriate security for global teams.

With ProjectLocker, we take care of security and accessiblity for you, so your team can focus on writing great software. Here are a few of the things we do to promote accessibility:

  • All services are accessible over HTTPS, allowing them to work through most firewalls without compromising security
  • ProjectLocker production servers reside on a Gigabit Ethernet network, allowing maximum performance
  • International customers can be hosted in data centers close to them for an additional fee

What's more, integrations to popular communications platforms like Jabber, Twitter, HipChat, and Slack mean that you get updates from your collaborators in real-time, allowing you to move as fast as possible.

ProjectLocker allows your team to seamlessly work together, from Hyderabad to Houston to Hanoi. 

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